"The Acrobatic Warriors of Africa at it again. Pure youthful exuberance mixed with sublime agility. A result of years of practice and public performances."

The Acrobatic Warriors of Africa is a team, comprised of five unique individuals, training and working together:
  • Daniel Amah Ashitey 
  • Daniel Tettey Yemo
  • Regis Odoi Mensah
  • Richard Mensah Ofori
  • Welford Okpoti Koney

We are now all in our 20's. We were born and raised in Accra, Ghana. We have been training and performing as acrobats since we were young children. Daniel Ashitey began training at age four, and first performed at age six.


We have a unique style and work together to continually develop new feats and routines. We love to dance, sing and perform acrobatics.

Troupe members have performed in Ghana, Togo and the Netherlands. We are available to travel worldwide.


We have our passports and are ready to perform for you! Please contact us!